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SIP Trunking I-VoIP Service

If your organization has or is considering an IP business phone system, you’ll want to take full advantage of its benefits. Success depends not only on the phone system you choose, but also on how you connect that system to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). SIP trunking allows you to connect your IP phone system to the PSTN over a broadband connection.

In addition to the standard business services you expect, SIP supports advanced IP services such as IP contact centers, Find-me Follow-me, unified communications and the ability to have local numbers in various markets served by one central business phone system.

Top benefits of SIP trunking:

Reduce communication costs.

SIP trunks use bandwidth flexibly and efficiently, so you can get more from available broadband bandwidth. You can eliminate those separate, underutilized, single-purpose analog or ISDN circuits.

Simplify the communications infrastructure.

Since SIP Trunking works over IP networks, it potentially eliminates the complexity of managing separate services such as ISDN PRI or multiple analog lines.

Get more out of available trunk bandwidth.

Unlike ISDN trunks with their fixed voice or data channels, with SIP trunking, bandwidth can be dynamically allocated between voice and data at any time. If there are lots of concurrent calls, more bandwidth can be used for voice, and if nobody is talking on the phone, all bandwidth is available for data.

Support business-grade voice quality.

Shifting voice calls onto the data network doesn’t require compromise. You can get the voice quality you expect by using a business-grade broadband connection and enterprise-class router/firewall—and configuring the router to prioritize voice traffic over data traffic.