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Hybrid Cloud

Unify your Premise- and Cloud-based Business Telephone Systems Into One Integrated, Companywide Network

Organizations often evolve in phases. Organic growth fuels expansion into new facilities and geographic markets. Mergers and acquisitions bring a mix of operational support technologies. Most organizations of any size run on a diversity of processes and platforms.

Perhaps your business installed a digital-and-IP phone system at its original location, then deployed pure IP phone systems at new locations that opened within the last few years, and then embraced cloud telephony in the last year to support satellite locations and remote workers.

Toshiba’s Power of Choice

Customers can get all three of Toshiba’s phone system options from one trusted source:

  • With Toshiba’s VIPedge® cloud-based telephone solution, award-winning features are available on a pay-as-you-go monthly service, with no onsite server required.
  • Toshiba’s IPedge® pure IP system is built on open standards and deployed on a Linux server that occupies a mere 1U (less than two inches) of rack space.
  • Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™ platform is a converged IP/digital/analog system—ideal for sites that don’t have LAN wiring to every desktop, still use digital phones and will evolve to IP in stages.

Multiple Platforms, One Unified Phone System

Toshiba’s business phone systems share the same telephones, call processing, calling features, applications, look and feel for users—and they network together very nicely.

With comprehensive communications compatibility among VIPedge Net, IPedge Net and Strata Net, you can network a mix of VIPedge, IPedge and Strata CIX systems